URL Not Found Android Studio Install (Access Denied)

Normally I use eclipse for Android development but now that Android Studio looks to be the IDE of preference I want to make sure I star using it. Android Studio is built on intellij which is a bonus as I really love jet brains software.

First problem I have hit setting up on my lovely new Window 8 machine was an error with the SDK installing, which I have not had before so best to make a note now so I save time
when I have the problem again ( no doubt I will have to install windows more than once 🙂 ).

The error is as follows ;

Downloading Android SDK Platform-tools, revision 20
URL not found: C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-studio\sdk\temp\platform-tools_r20-windows.zip (Access is denied)
Downloading Android SDK Build-tools, revision 19.1

I guess its not enough that I work on my machine with an Admin account, UAC is disabled as much as it can be and yet still! I have to tell the program ‘Run As Administrator’! great :).

So if you hit the good old Access denied when installing the SDK, make sure you run the android.bat file as admin to make the problem go away.


Reference that helped me realise what was wrong.